As a part of Cornell University's astronomy department, I have worked on the design and assembly of two instruments:

Triple Spec 4 (now ARCoIRIS)


During September 2014-April 2015, I provided full-time assembly support and inventory management during the final stages of the Triple Spec 4 project.I maintained a parts inventory, and verified that all parts were machined within tolerance levels. I also prepped and painted the surfaces in the optical path of the interior of the instrument with an absorptive polyurethane coating, and helped assemble the electronics mounts.

There is a short time-lapse video of the assembly available here.


Website: (old site, for instrument overview)

For this project, I designed circuit board layout and routing optimization for the instrument's PCB (Printed Circuit Board, in this case the "brain" of the spectrograph) using Altium Designer.

I also did data reduction on the results of the observatory run that used the spectrograph’s predecessor (ZEUS).