I am currently the Associate Director for the NASA/NY Space Grant Consortium.

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NASA/NY Space Grant Consortium


Associate Director

NASA/NY Space Grant Consortium

The New York Space Grant Consortium includes 23 affiliate institutions, museums, and industry partners across the state.

Congress established the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (Space Grant) with Title II of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 1988. The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, through the designation of Space Grant consortia and the establishment of Space Grant programs and fellowships, was designed to broaden the base of universities and individuals contributing to and benefiting from aerospace science and technology and ultimately contribute to the development and utilization of space resources.

Space Grant Program Objectives:

+ Establish and maintain a national network of universities with interests and capabilities in aeronautics, space and related fields; 
+ Encourage cooperative programs among universities, aerospace industry, and Federal, state and local governments; 
+ Encourage interdisciplinary training, research and public service programs related to aerospace; 
+ Recruit and train U.S. citizens, especially women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities, for careers in aerospace science and technology; and, 
+ Promote a strong science, mathematics, and technology education base from elementary through secondary levels.

Website: www.nyspacegrant.org