"No one's expecting you to come into this world with every mathematical tool known to man fully-formed in your brain. That's just not going to happen. So give yourself a little slack."

- A Math Major Talks About Fear, 2013

This short video I made about conquering math fear has been shared all over the world, and has led to articles on Upworthy and Business Insider. I also maintain a blog at www.mathematigal.com, where I discuss feminism, education, and mathematics.


I am also a NASA Social alum, having attended the Earth Now event at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in November 2013. These events are an opportunity to go behind the scenes at various NASA-affiliated locations, for the purpose of sharing what you learn with the public. There is an excellent Wired article that gives an overview of that event, as well as an archive of highlighted tweets.

During my work on the ARCoIRIS spectrograph, I documented the process with time-lapse photography, and shared images and updates on Facebook and Twitter, answering questions posted on those platforms. The time-lapse video can be viewed here.

I am available as a speaker for schools, workshops, and maker spaces. I have done work with GERLS CampIthaca Generator, Ithaca College and Cornell University. I also have experience as a presenter/workshop leader.

Contact me for current rates.